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Google vs Library: Videos

Make Your Searches Effecive and Efficient Using the Right Tool

Google vs Library Quick Poll

For a college course, the best video sources

Google vs Library Quick Poll
Are fun to watch and entertaining.: 0 votes (0%)
Provide authoritative information.: 1 votes (16.67%)
Help me understand the course material.: 4 votes (66.67%)
Are available anywhere, anytime, on any device.: 1 votes (16.67%)
Total Votes: 6

Videos: Google vs Library

The HCC Libraries try to provide videos and other materials that are exactly what you need for your HCC classes. While you're a student at HCC, these materials are provided to you free of charge.

With NBCLearn, Alexander Street Video and other subscriptions we pay for, we are able to provide high quality content that is directly related to the curricula at HCCS.

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