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Google vs Library: Articles

Make Your Searches Effecive and Efficient Using the Right Tool

Google vs Library Quick Poll

What is your preferred search for academic journal articles for a class?

Google vs Library Quick Poll
Google: 1 votes (7.14%)
Academic Search Complete: 5 votes (35.71%)
JSTOR: 2 votes (14.29%)
Google Scholar: 3 votes (21.43%)
Encore: 3 votes (21.43%)
Total Votes: 14

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

Magazine & Journal Articles: Google vs Library

Your best choice for full-text scholarly articles -- the kind you are usually expected to use for college work -- is the HCC Libraries' collection of over 150 subscription databases.

Google's best alternative is Google Scholar, a special search they provide. The main weaknesses of Google Scholar, from a student's perspective are:

  • Many articles in Google Scholar don't include access to the full text of the article.
  • Many of the articles in Google Scholar are available only for a charge -- usually $25 and up per article.
  • Even if the article is one for which the Libraries provide the full text, Google Scholar doesn't let you know.

Library Database Subscriptions

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar

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