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Chicago Manual of Style: In-Text Citations

"Find It. Write It. Cite It." The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is primarily used in the areas of history, art and government and social sciences

In-text citations

  • Use parenthetical citation to give credit to another person’s quotes or ideas that are in the text of your paper in Author-Date Style.
  • In parentheses, enter the author’s last name, the year published and the page number.
  • If there is no author, use a portion of the first part of the citation, usually the title.
Paraphrased Practice increases success (Bradford 2014, 27).
Paraphrased, author in text Bradford reminds us that practice increases success (2014, 27).
Direct quotation “Practice makes perfect” (Bradford 2014, 27).


Source Credit

Some of the examples are taken form Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition

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