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2.0 Outline


These guidelines cover services provided in the HCC libraries and electronic resource centers. Please contact the librarian or circulation staff on duty with questions or concerns. You may also use our online comment form.

  • 2.001 Computer Use
  • 2.002 Children in HCC Libraries
  • 2.003 Right to Refuse Service

2.001 Computer Use

Because local conditions vary from campus to campus, the following are intended to describe an ideal situation. Individual colleges and campuses will modify these to accommodate local circumstances.

2.001.1 Library service policy

    The HCCS Library has made computers available for current students, staff, and college-related personnel in order to enhance the research process and facilitate computer literacy.
    Access is limited to individuals with basic knowledge of how to use the equipment. Library staff are not computer experts and may not be able to answer all software or hardware questions. Staff will assist with problems as time and availability permits.
    Due to heavy use, the library cannot guarantee the condition of software and equipment.
    Computer brands, printers, and available software differ from campus to campus.

2.001.2 User Categories

    HCCS students, faculty and staff may use the computers on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Computers with special-use software may be reserved ahead of time for a specific time period, generally not to exceed two hours.
    Requests from the general public may be considered, based on availability of equipment and HCCS user-demand. Special permission is required from a librarian in charge and is only granted for limited, short-term periods for special purpose projects.
    Students with disabilities: each library maintains at least one computer with modifications designed for use by students with disabilities. These computers may be used by any student, however, whenever a student with disabilities has need of one of these computers, others will be asked to vacate the machine.

2.001.3 User registration Some libraries require that patrons register and identify themselves before reserving computer time or using the computers. Users must provide proof of current association with HCCS and current photo identification when they register and each time the computers are used. [blank] [blank]

2.001.4 Equipment reservations Currently registered users may reserve computer time on a "first come first served" basis either in person or over the phone. The amount of computer use time varies from campus to campus based on user demand and equipment availability. Due to limited space, the library may have to limit the number of people at any one computer. The library reserves the right to impose additional restrictions to maintain fairness to all users.

2.001.5 User responsibilities User must arrive and leave on time, as scheduled.

  • Scheduled time includes printing.
  • Anyone 15 minutes late forfeits that scheduled time
  • Computer use times normally end at least 15 minutes before the library is scheduled to close No games other than those in the library collection or placed on reserve by faculty are to be used. Users must not tamper with or rearrange equipment, or download any data or programs to the hard drive. Damage or problems are to be reported to library staff. Food and drink are not allowed in computer rooms. Return software (disks, manuals, overlays, etc. in the box) and pick up ID after use. Users may not bring their own software or CDs for use on library equipment. Users who wish to save their work for another day have several options:

  • E-Mail the document to yourself
  • Print out the document
  • Where permitted, students may save their work onto a diskette. Some libraries may provide a data disk for temporary storage.

Under no circumstances should users download data to the computer’s hard drive. Users must follow all other library rules.

2.001.6 Denial of computer priveleges Any infraction of library rules is grounds for loss of computer privileges. Library staff has the right to restrict usage. Undue or excessive noise or other activities that disturb other library users will be grounds for termination of computer privileges. Internet use is governed by HCCS Internet policy. Computers are reserved for adult use only. Children, even when accompanied by an adult, are not permitted on the computers.

2.001.7 Faculty assignments Before the library will accept software for reserve the instructor must:

  • Provide a copy of the software set-up/installed for library equipment.
  • Provide clearly written user instructions. Library staff cannot provide student training or instruction.
  • Demonstrate to the class the use of the library equipment, the reserve software, and library registration and procedures.
  • Recognize that there are limitations on computer time and equipment. The library staff reserves the right to limit excessive use by any one class or group in the interest of fairness to all users. Library staff has the right to restrict usage.

2.001.8 Printing The libraries make printing available at most student use computers. However, use of printers, procedures and costs vary from site to site. Users should check with a staff member before printing at any particular site.

2.002 Children in the HCC Libraries

2.002 Children in HCC Libraries

Children may not be left unsupervised in the library. HCCS library staff cannot assume responsibility for supervision of unaccompanied children. Any unattended child will be reported to campus security and placed in the custody of a security guard until a parent or legal guardian arrives to assume responsibility for them.

2.003 Right to Refuse Service

2.003 Right to Refuse Service

The HCC Libraries provide services which support Houston Community College students, faculty, and staff. Behavior on the part of library users which disrupts library services can not be tolerated. Librarians reserve the right to request an ID and to refuse services to any library user who acts irresponsibly by disrupting the use of the facilities or by being disrespectful to other library users or to a library employee. Irresponsible behavior includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Rudeness including loud and offensive language
  • Unreasonable demands for service
  • Being under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol
  • Threatening or erratic behavior
  • Conflicts with other library users
Any library employee can exercise the right to refuse service when confronted by a library user acting irresponsibly. This policy is based on the HCC Board Policy Manual FLB (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities - Student Conduct. (PDF download)

2.004 Group Study Rooms

2.004. Group Study Rooms

  • 2.004.1
    Group study rooms may be reserved for groups of 2 or more.
  • 2.004.2
    Group study rooms may only be reserved by HCC Students, Faculty, Staff or affiliated institutions.
  • 2.004.3
    Group study rooms may be reserved by a group for 2 hours.
  • 2.004.4
    Reservations for group study rooms are on a first come, first served basis on the day of the reservation. No advanced reservations.
  • 2.004.5
    Each Library reserves the right to request ID verification of HCC student status.

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