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About Us

HCC Library Mission

HCC Libraries faculty librarians and staff provide transformative instruction and friendly and expert learning support in inviting learning spaces and online environments, with the most relevant and accessible physical and digital information resources, accessible technology, and quality programs that promote student learning and success.

HCC Library Vision

The HCC Libraries will be a vital center of accountable innovation and support for the communities of students and faculty throughout our college, providing information resources, services, and instruction that contribute to student success and that ultimately drive development in the broader communities we serve.

HCC Library Values

  • Provide energetic and enthusiastic faculty librarians and support staff sufficient to meet the needs of student learners and faculty.
  • Work closely with students individually and in groups as coaches, facilitators, mentors, and professors to support engagement, learning, and success.
  • Provide reference and information services based on the best information currently available.
  • Provide information use, library, and research instruction in a variety of forms and media to empower students for immediate success and for lifelong engagement as citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, and learners.
  • Provide and maintain physical facilities that support student initiative and success by incorporating space for: research, study and collaboration; technology that spurs creativity and achievement; and physical and online collections that invite discovery and growth.
  • Provide a well-organized collection of physical and online books, periodicals, and audiovisual and electronic media to meet the needs of students and faculty engaged in the courses, programs and degrees offered.
  • Provide an electronic catalog of online, print, and other resources, organized according to nationally recognized and accepted standards, that includes access to other indexes and full-text materials and provides a 'gateway' to a selection of high-quality external online resources.
  • Collaborate actively with partners both within and outside HCC to extend our capacity to support those we serve and to support the mission and goals of HCC.
  • Enhance faculty development and innovation activities through collaborative research, curricular, program, and instructional support.
  • Communicate our mission, values, and goals, as well as the associated projects and activities we undertake to students, faculty and staff throughout HCC.
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff in processes of planning, designing, promoting and delivering resources and services.
  • Provide resources and tools that enable students and faculty to develop innovative projects, assignments, and presentations.
  • Manage HCC resources responsibly to meet the needs of student learners, faculty, and our communities.
  • Innovate responsibly and frequently on the basis of benchmarking and regular assessment to meet student and faculty needs in support of the programs and purposes of HCC.

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