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These guidelines cover services provided in the HCC libraries and electronic resource centers. Please contact the librarian or circulation staff on duty with questions or concerns. You may also use our online comment form.

2.204 Chat Reference

2.204.1 Appropriate Use

HCC Libraries' chat service offers assistance for simple research questions such as:

  • How to find books or journal articles on a particular topic.
  • How to use HCC Library online catalog.
  • How to use HCC Library electronic databases.
  • General information about HCC Libraries, collections, and policies.


For questions that require in-depth research, visit a library to consult with a librarian in person, use our Ask a Librarian email service, or call to speak with a reference librarian at one of the HCC libraries. Our chat service, as well as other HCC library reference services cannot provide medical, legal, or financial advice.


Chat reference sessions may be terminated and the users banned for the use of inappropriate or rude language, harassment of any kind, or repeated off-topic questions.

2.204.4 Privacy Policy

The HCC libraries are dedicated to protecting your privacy. The library collects and archives your chat session with the sole purpose of improving the quality of our services through training and research. If the user provides identifying information, it will be removed during the archiving process.

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