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Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies: Humanities Beyond HCC

This is a supporting LibGuide for HCC Students and Faculty in the Humanities and related Interdisciplinary subject areas, such as, Africana/African American Studies, Global Studies, Mexican-American/Latinx Studies, and Women & Gender Studies.

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Studying the Humanities Beyond HCC

Students, are you interested in studying the Humanities beyond HCC? Check out these local university programs that HCC students can apply/transfer to as part of our 2+2 pathway.

Humanities Commons on Mastodon

Students, staff, and faculty can join the Humanities Commons community known as on the free, open source, decentralized social media network known as Mastodon. If you have questions about this community or how to join it, contact Community members are encouraged to share links to their humanities work and the work of others -- especially deposits to the Commons repository; share resources and ideas; build connections with other members; discuss in-process work, hold reading groups, and involve others in your projects.

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