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The HCC Libraries are an Open Book

The HCC Librarians are dedicated to making sure that everyone - faculty and students - have the skills and knowledge to make the most of our great collections and electronic resources. To that end, we offer a variety of instructional options.

  • Hands on in-class library instruction for your students
    Invite an HCC librarian to teach your students all about the research process. All you have to do is call your HCC library and schedule a session! Let us know if you'd like for your session to be assessed, and we'll forward the quiz results to you. Library closed? Use our new orientation request forms to request library instruction.
  • Online library instruction for your students
    Our latest instructional offering is an exciting one! A team of HCC Librarians is now facilitating live online instruction webinars for your students! Students may attend webinars on their own, or they can be assigned and assessed as part of their coursework.
  • Library collections and resources
    Each college has librarians dedicated to building the library's collection of materials in specific subject categories. If you're interested in speaking with the librarian at your college who handles your discipline, call the library and ask which librarian handles your area. You may also use our online request form to suggest a purchase, or email a librarian with a purchase request. Suggestions for print, media, and online resources are welcome.
  • Library LTIs for your online class
    Choose from two (or get both!) options. Don't hesitate to ask a librarian or colleague for assistance. We have over 5,700 content boxes to choose from.
    • Select specific pages, parts of pages, or entire sections of the HCC Library site
    • Select the Automagic LTI which adds resources pre-coded for your program
  • One-on-one consultation
    Not quite sure what the libraries can offer you and your students? Schedule some time with a librarian at your campus to learn more about library services and resources. Contact a librarian today to schedule a consultation.
  • Begin Research
    The new library tutorial is really for our students, but would be helpful for anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with HCC library resources. The tutorial would make a great extra credit assignment, and the assessment can even be graded.
  • HCC Library LibGuides
    HCC Librarians have developed LibGuides to help students locate the best resources for their assignments. If there is not something already available, it might be possible to get something designed specifically for your class.  Some of the HCC Library LibGuides are collaborations between our librarians and professors, so you may even wish to consider collaborating with a librarian on a LibGuide for your class or discipline. Contact a librarian for more information.
  • Not listed?
    Interested in another service not listed here?  Please contact a librarian at your campus to see what we can do to help.

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