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For Faculty

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Use these forms to request a library orientation or specialized instruction session with librarians at one of your college library or electronic resource center sites.


Ensure that your students make the best of library and other learning resources by spending a class period with one of the librarians at your campus.

HCC librarians can show your students how to locate the resources they need for their assignments, evaluate the information they find, correctly cite the information they use, and even plan their projects.

If you would like your orientation to include a brief assessment quiz or survey the results can be provided to you.

To schedule an orientation via email or phone, contact a librarian at your campus from the list to the left. You may use these detailed forms to send your requests.

  • Please schedule 2 weeks in advance when possible.
  • Please allow 2 business days to receive a personal confirmation from the librarian or from another available library faculty member.
  • We request that you attend library orientation with your students.

Online Instruction

No Class Period Available for Library Instruction? Teaching DE?

Consider requiring students to take the Begin Research interactive tutorial as an assignment. Pre-test and Exit Quiz scores can be provided to you.

Take advantage of our Webinars and other online instruction choices to introduce students to library use.


Library Instruction Customized for STEM

Although we do not provide Pre-tests and Exit Quizzes for our STEM Information Cycle tutorial, this short course provides a great introduction to the types of resources available to students in science and math courses.

STEM Information Cycle can be used after Begin Research or on its own.

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