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For Faculty

Course Reserves

Instructors or departments can request that an item be placed on course reserve at any campus library. Most often, these items are the property of the department or requesting faculty member. In some cases, however, materials owned by the Libraries may be put on reserve, but only at the library owning the item.

To place an item on reserve, contact the library your students will be using. Also, please alert your students that a current HCC student ID card is required to check out any items placed on reserve and that these items may not be taken out of the library unless otherwise noted.


How do I place items on eReserve?

It's easy! Just contact a librarian at your campus, and provide a link (URL) to an online resource or provide a file in any format (image, movie, document, pdf, powerpoint, etc.) on a flash drive. We'll do the rest.

Why use HCC Library eReserves?

  • Copyright compliance
  • Usage statistics
  • Persistent link for an online syllabus to a list of course materials or to individual items
  • 24/7 access
  • Simultaneous uses
  • No damage to master copy

Do eReserves replace print reserves?

  • Either may be placed on reserve
  • Print materials may be digitized and added to Ereserves
  • Digitized documents will be password protected to ensure copyright compliance
  • Students will be able to access either the print or the online version
  • Copyright information will be added to both versions

What kinds of materials may be placed on eReserves?

  • Print, sound, image, moving image, and other computer files may be added to eReserves
  • Some movies may be too large for the eReserves system, but to movies on other servers are fine.
  • Copyright prohibits digitization or copying to eReserves systems in some instances

What kind of statistics can I get?

  • Statistics are available and updated 24/7 so that you may check the number of times your material has been accessed
  • The librarian can set up the ereserve so that you may see which students used the material, but you must specifically request this service

Can I add full-length books?

  • Public domain ebooks may be provided via eReserves, although if the display presentation is copyrighted then fair use guidelines must be followed
  • Books may not be photocopied for eReserves unless written permission to do so has been granted by the copyright owner
  • HCC libraries comply with fair use guidelines which most likely will limit the portion that may be copied to a chapter or small percentage of the whole book

Where can I find more information on Copyright laws for eReserves?

How can I link to the eReserves for my course?

  • Links to the resource will be provided through the HCC library catalog in a very simple and brief format, and are completely integrated with the course reserves searches.
  • Once your item is added to eReserves, any HCC librarian can provide you with a permanent, persistent link to the reserve material.

Will the library staff scan my items for me?

  • Consult with your library staff
  • If your library does not have a scanner the Library/LRC Support Dept. may be able to assist on a limited basis
  • Some articles may already be available in electronic format, a librarian can assist with locating these

Which browser will my students need to use eReserves?

  • Most current browsers and versions will work
  • Most eReserve materials do not require special plugins
  • If special plugins are required, please consult with a librarian so that these may be provided to your students

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please email Angela Secrest with other questions or comments

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