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Online Library Instruction: GoToWebinar Help

GoToWebinar Help

GoToWebinar Support Info from the vendor

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GoToWebinar phone support:

Toll-free: 877 582 7011     

Unable to Connect to Webinar

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to connect to the webinar. Below are a few troubleshooting suggestions.

Your firewall software (like Norton Personal Firewall or the Mac OS native firewall) may be blocking GoToWebinar. 

Check your firewall's user manual or contact your firewall's tech support for specific instructions to unblock GoToWebinar. 

GoToWebinar uses an internet setting called ports, which may be blocked by your wireless network or internet service provider.  If any of these ports are blocked, GoToWebinar will not be able to connect you to the session

Make sure that port 80, port 443, and port 8200 are not blocked.  You may need to contact your internet service provider for help.

It has also come to our attention that some workplaces may block GoToWebinar links. If you are using a work computer or connecting from your office, your company may have blocked the webinar.  You may want to check with your workplace IT staff and view the archived webinar at a later date.

Webinar Archives Issues

The webinar archives are Windows Media (WMV) files, which are best viewed in Windows Media Player.  Mac users may want to download Windows Media Components for QuickTime.

The Echo Issue

If you have a microphone, please use headphones–or the ear buds from your portable music player–while you listen to the webinar. If your microphone is live and you are using your computer’s speakers, the sound from the speakers goes into the microphone and sets up an ongoing echo effect that everyone on the session can hear. If you have no microphone, or if your mic is “muted”, you can use speakers.

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