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Online Library Instruction: Webinar Statistics - Monthly & Annual Sessions & Attendance

Sessions & Attendance - Monthly (Spring 2017 - Fall 2022)

Sessions & Attendance - Annual (Spring 2017 - Fall 2022)

Helpful Definitions

  • Confirmed registrations - The total number of confirmed registrations for events that occur in the specified range. Usually, less than half of registrants will actually attend a program.

  • Actual attendance - The total recorded actual attendance of events (i.e. the values entered in an event's Actual Attendance field). This number may include non-registered attendees.

  • Confirmed attendance - The total number of confirmed attended registrations (i.e. those registrations marked as Confirmed Attended). These is the count of checked boxes next to the names of registrants for an event, made by a session facilitator after an event. Actual attendance may be higher as it can include non-registered attendees.


Data current through 01/01/2017 - 12/12/2022 (Fall 2022)

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