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Begin Research: What Can I Find in a Library Catalog?

What Can I Find in a Library Catalog?

The library catalog tells you where items are located and whether or not they are currently available for use. It also provides information on digital and other resources.

Click on each category for examples and more information.


•Books on paper
•Books on course reserve
•Paperbacks for leisure reading


•Scholarly journals in digital format
•Local newspapers in print
•Digital newspapers from around the world
•Magazines for leisure reading


•DVDs for leisure and classroom use
•Streaming media for classroom and leisure viewing


•Chromebooks and netbooks for student checkout
•Projectors for classroom use
•CCTVs, ADA laptops, and other assistive devices
•Screens, laptops, and other devices for classroom use

Library of Things

•3d printers in many libraries
•Maker devices: sewing machines, Dremel and other tools, and much more
•Board and digital games
•Anatomy models, virtual reality glasses, and other scientific tech for classroom use

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