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Begin Research: Where Can I Find Them?

Where Can I Find Them?

The best discovery tools for you are the ones provided by your professors and by the HCC librarians.

  • The HCC Library Homepage points to many resources, including the ones below.
  • Eagle Library Search. Search over 100 databases, the HCC Library Catalog, and high-quality open access resources from a single search box.
  • The HCC Library Catalog of books, media, and journals. You'll find print, media, and online sources, but no articles.
  • HCC Library databases of articles, books, and media, which are organized alphabetically, by subject, by format, and by popularity.
  • The HCC Library Research Guides (were LibGuides) which organize many quality resources for the HCC programs and disciplines.
  • Individual sources, such as books, articles, and web-pages which may provide links or citations to related material.
  • The best discovery tool of all is one of the HCC librarians!

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