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Begin Research: What Can I Do With My HCC Student ID Card?

What Can I Do With My HCC Student ID Card?

Select your answer from the list below, or toggle each answer reveal more information about using your Student ID card to access Library resources.

No, this is not the best answer. In fact, your library registration expires at the end of each semester. Your library record will be renewed the day after you pay your fees for the next semester, however.

Yes, this answer is correct--but it's not the only one. With your HCCS library card, you can request any circulating book from the library catalog.

No, not quite--but, with the HCCS library card, you can get a TexShare card to use most libraries throughout Texas; and we can get almost any book from throughout the United States through interlibrary loan. Sorry!

Yes, when you login you may renew your books online as long as they are not more than 3 days overdue.

Yes, you can check out up to 10 books at a time with your HCCS library card. But there are more correct answers!

You no longer need your ID for this. The Library databases now accept your HCC login. This is the same login you use for your HCC Student Account.

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