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Tutoring: ART

Handouts and links to help you with revising your essays for content and grammar.


Note:  It is always helpful for tutors when a student attaches a picture of the artwork he or she is discussing in the assignment.

When describing and analyzing artwork, pretend you are describing the artwork to a friend who has never seen it.  How can you use the elements of art and principles of design to be precise and detailed in your conversation?  If you have an opinion about the artwork, elaborate on why you feel a certain way about it.

For information about avoiding plagiarism and how to paraphrase and summarize, go to the Avoiding Plagiarism and How to Cite subject tab.

The websites we post are to help you, the student.  If you encounter a link that is no longer active (for example, some sites change their addresses), please, contact the Upwsing LibGuide's administrator directly so she can replace it:  To better serve you, be as precise as possible about the name of the link and where you found it.  


Always discuss some elements of art and principles of design in your assignments.

Some Houston Museums

Here are the most common museums *in Houston* HCC tutors see required for the museum essay.  As usual, follow the professor's instructions about which museums you can or cannot use.

Websites and Videos

Museum Virtual Tours & Collections

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