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Handouts and links to help you with revising your essays for content and grammar.

Student Success FAQ

For information about avoiding plagiarism and how to paraphrase and summarize, go to the Avoiding Plagiarism and How to Cite subject tab.

You might want to review our Resumes and Letters tab for tips on applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

Need additional help with APA and MLA style guides and formatting?  Visit our Style Guides and Templates tab.  You can also find out how to get help from your HCC librarians in our tab, Library Information.

The websites we post are to help you, the student.  If you encounter a link that is no longer active (for example, some sites change their addresses), please, contact the Upwsing LibGuide's administrator directly so she can replace it:  To better serve you, be as precise as possible about the name of the link and where you found it.  


Websites and Videos

Career Essay Common Links

Based on some of the career essays students have submitted for tutoring, we have compiled a short list of commonly-used links students have used for this assignment.  However, you should check your professor's instructions for any links (s)he wants you to use or to avoid.

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