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Tutoring: ECON

Handouts and links to help you with revising your essays for content and grammar.


There is some overlap between the two fields of business an economics. Therefore, you should also check the BUSI tab for additional resources you might use for your assignments.

For information about avoiding plagiarism and how to paraphrase and summarize, go to Avoiding Plagiarism and How to Cite

The websites we post are to help you, the student.  If you encounter a link that is no longer active (for example, some sites change their addresses), please, contact the Upwsing LibGuide's administrator directly so she can replace it:  To better serve you, be as precise as possible about the name of the link and where you found it.  

EduTube at HCC

Websites - Market / Economics Data

Websites and Videos - General Information

You can Google "<company name> investor relations" for things such as presentations, press releases, and earnings.

Financial News Sources

Be advised that some websites allow you to access only a limited number of free articles a month.  Review the policies for these websites.  If you find something you need for your research, consider printing out the article or saving it as a PDF.

Also, some of these have print versions that you can find at bookstores.  Newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal, are also sold in other types of businesses, such as grocery and drug stores and coffee shops.  

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