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Tutoring: HUMA

Handouts and links to help you with revising your essays for content and grammar.


We have a box of virtual tours and collections to our ART tab that might interest you.  As we know, art is not created in a vacuum.  Even what we consider fine art is influenced by cultural factors.

Generally speaking, humanities essays come in 3 types:

  • Literature and Poetry (reading and writing)
  • Art (mostly visual)
  • Cultural Anthropology (mostly what is considered "Western Civilization")

Look through the other tabs in our LibGuide for additional resources in subjects that could pertain to your assignment.  For example, if you are writing about Thomas Aquinas, consider reviewing the resources in the PHIL (philosophy) tab.

For information about avoiding plagiarism and how to paraphrase and summarize, go to the Avoiding Plagiarism and How to Cite subject tab.

The websites we post are to help you, the student.  If you encounter a link that is no longer active (for example, some sites change their addresses), please, contact the Upwsing LibGuide's administrator directly so she can replace it:  To better serve you, be as precise as possible about the name of the link and where you found it.  **To outside entities, no soliciting links or services from your business or organization.  The purpose of our resource center is to help our students with their coursework.  We do not help companies or organizations advertise their services.**

Literature & Poetry (Handouts)

You can find additional information about literature in the SOPH LIT subject tab of this LibGuide.



Literature - Websites

Art -- Visual (Handouts)

You can find additional handouts and links in the ART subject tab of this LibGuide.

Art - Websites

Cultural Anthropology (Handouts)

Consider also looking under our GOVT and HIST tabs for additional resources.

Cultural Anthropology - Websites

Cultural Anthropology - Digitized Collections & Virtual Tours

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