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Tutoring: MATH

Handouts and links to help you with revising your essays for content and grammar.


These resources were created by face-to-face tutors and faculty.  Here are links to texbooks books on OpenStax:

New Co-requisite (Math 0309 - Math 1332) (Dr. Douglas Bump)

Prealgebra (Math 0106) Basic Math and other mathematical concepts [Coming Soon]

College Algebra (Math 1314) (Dr. Douglas Bump)

Introductory Algebra (Math 0409) Foundations of Mathematics (Dr. Douglas Bump)

Intermediate Algebra (Math 0312) Intermediate Algebra (Dr. Douglas Bump)

Dosage Math -- Dosage Calculations to help students preparing to become nurses (Dr. Douglas Bump)

Miscellaneous Websites and Videos

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