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Science Information Cycle: Background Information


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Start with a Background Check!

Google can be a great place to start, but there are only a few ways to refine your search results.

In the library databases, there are numerous ways to manipulate the results and weed out irrelevant information.

Use these resources to locate background information on science and engineering topics. Good background information will help you start your information search:

  • Eagle Library Search can be used to see the full range of HCC Library resources available for your topic.
  • Credo Reference: Locate easy to understand background information written in non-scientic langauge.
  • Science Databases: Use the A to Z Databases list to find science databases. Use this same page to find jounals and research guides for your topic.
  • Wikipedia: Provides a great overview of a topic and place to locate "good" keywords for searches in other databases.

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